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†  Graphics  

Character Sprite - KimShyuen, Mr.Wodertainment, 雅彌Portrait sprite - Homi

Poster Illustration - Clivef梨子

Map / Ui / Logo - KimShyuen

Adverts - KimShyuen,KagariJoshua

Chibi Illustration / Special Thanks - 五月梅花落

  Special Thanks / Testers  

Testers - Chew Zi Yue, Яков, Mzery


Support (Ko-fi) - Rich Reach

  Steam Producer  



Plot, Script, Character Design - KimShyuen

Script Modification - 絲綺拉,失眠的米迦勒


Original Plugin - RaidenInfinity, Luca Mastroianni, 魂

Plugin Modification  - 椎名Yashiro, 木秋

Game Event - Kim Shyuen, KagariJoshua

† Music  

Composer - Soon Hew    

Sound Effect - 田海汕


米二, 谈可, Mzery


A potato art student from Malaysia, Penang.
She usually spend her free time developing game, taking photos, Ball-Jointed Doll, drawing and watching movies.
She loves churches, hymn, religions, literature and art. Crumb and No Party for Cao Dong is her favourite band.

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The copyright of the characters, character sprites, graphics, UI design, original music

and sound effects in this game belong to the staff.

Reproduction these materials in any form is PROHIBITED without permission.


Rich Reach (Ko-fi)

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