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​Last Update:2021/02/24


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2020/10/10 - Released date extented to 2021, updated staff info

2020/03/03 - Official (English) Website Released

2019/08/20 - Official (Chinese) Website & Steam Page Released


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  • The characters, story, and events in this game were designed. They are completely fictional.

  • Any similarity to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental.

  • Reproduction in any form is PROHIBITED without permission.

*This is not the final version of the trailer PV*

Escape from the Cursed Convent is a derivative work of the manga

Hengoku no Schwester .

Escape from the Cursed Convent is an adventure game, filled with rich storytelling

which includes several gameplay styles

such as qte, collecting system, puzzle solving and more.


An occurrence at a catholic convent, which is located in Holy Roman Empire;The 16th century Europe which is filled with faith,

and Witch Trials.

" Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." (Book of Exodus, 22:18)


Adeline, a serf whose mother was wrongfully accused

as an evil witch and making a deal with a demon.


During that period, the Witched Children are sent to the

Claustrum Convent for the re-education of sorcerers.

However, it turns out that the convent is another living hell, where torment and execution are considered to be redemption.


Adeline and her friend Helena decide to escape from the cursed convent.


And so, the story driven by saint, freedom and faith begins ...


Mysterious, beautiful pixel art world, every detail is placed with love 

 Explore the 16th century culture, religion, buildings and more 

Different story lines and endings depends on your choice

Several gameplay styles such as QTE, collecting system, mini games, cooking system etc  

*More information will be announced soon*

The copyright of the characters, character sprites, graphics, UI design, original music

and sound effects in this game belong to the staff.

Reproduction these materials in any form is PROHIBITED without permission.